Insights.US helps executives get advice directly from their stakeholders. Our decision making tool generates valuable strategies to achieve a predefined goal, by collaborating with citizens, employees and clients. After decisions are made, participants receive precise feedback regarding their personal impact. Bootstrapped in 2010, Insights’ technology facilitated 300 projects for 65 organizations, engaging 400,000 stakeholders. As explained in our Impact Report, most decisions have changed after using Insights.US. We have offices in Washington DC, Berlin and Tel Aviv, being an official provider of the Israeli Government.

  • Ran Raiz

    Head of Consulting

    “ This is not another company. This is THE company to work with the public sector! ”

  • Gal Alon

    CEO & Founder

    “ Insights.US was founded to enable leaders make change happen. That's our drive ”

  • Anat Eldar Vatine

    Partner & Process Manager

    “ This is your place to learn how to lead complex policy shifts with digital tools ”